Yoga sessions

Yoga Cap Corse

Our approach

When you practice both hiking and yoga, you quickly come to realize how these two disciplines converge.
Breathing, connection to the earth, respect of your body and your environment are central aspects of each of these two practices. They act as bridges between the two.
This is why we offer sessions in which the two disciplines meet.

We begin with a few minutes of silent walking, generally on the beach. They allow us to arrive to the physical place and into the state of mind where the yoga practice will take place. We then adapt the postures and movements to your own needs. After a few minutes of relaxation, the short walk back to our starting point allows us to make the transition with the rest of our day, keeping as much of the benefits of the session as possible.

The sessions are open to all, without any requirements.

What to bring

Come as you are, as simply as possible, with only shoes for the walk, a towel and a blanket.


The sessions are on registration only. Contact us to know when the next sessions take place.


1 person : 30€
2 or 3 persons : 20€ per person
4 to 6 persons : 15€ per person