Walking tours and Treks in Cap Corse

Going on a few days-long hiking tour in Cap Corse is the best way to experience the magic of the regions's pure wilderness, its landscapes and its history. That is why we decided to create Terre Nomade, a human-sized travel agency that develops treks with different levels of difficulty, from the discovery of the Sentier des Douaniers on the tip of the island to the crossing of Cap Corse by its highest mountain tops. Each hiking tour takes you to the heart of Cap Corse!

You wish to hike for 2 days? A prolonged weekend? An entire week or more? We organize the tour that suits your wishes, depending on your availability, your capacities and the level of comfort you seek. Given that Terre Nomade works on an associative basis, you are ensured that we do not chase profits; on the contrary, we will always look for the simplest and most authentic ways to share our passion for our beautiful regions.

For the time being, we only create walking tours for groups of people that come together and know each other. Groups can be as small as 2 persons or as large as 12, which is our maximum capacity. We conceive our treks in the regions we live in: Cap Corse and Corte, but also in other regions of Corsica and in the South of France (Alpes Maritimes).

Please contact us for more information!