Nonza Hiking Trails

Download the booklet in ebook or PDF version (French only)

The booklet "Hiking Trails of Nonza" was conceived for both the occasional hiker and the more athletic one. It can also be used simply to learn more about the history and life of Nonza.

For the moment, it is available only in french. You can find it in various shops in Nonza and Saint Florent, or download the pdf or ebook version (french only).

We have used a color code to make the booklet easier to read:
* Green is for the very easy walks,
* Blue is for short, easy walks with a little bit of elevation gain,
* Red is for hikes of several hours without any technical difficulty,
* Black is for the more athletic hikes with more walking hours and elevation gain.


Télécharger (PDF, 2.62MB)

Map of hiking trails around Nonza